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Today’s leaders must adapt to a new world of work focused on employee recruitment, retention, and well-being.

At the top of the to-do list: creating individual and team growth opportunities—while building a culture of inclusivity, empathy, and belonging.

Not sure how? The Modern Leaders Academy has you covered.

Through our experiential customized programming, we take your organization and its people on a cultural transformation journey that ensures rapid ROI today—and long-term value well into our unpredictable future.


Opportunities to learn and grow have become the #1 driver for company culture

Source: 2022 LinkedIn Global Trends Report

Who should apply to the Modern Leaders Academy?

We’ve partnered with Fortune 500 companies and worked with all 5 of Canada’s Big Banks. With clients in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Chile—we’ve coached over 10,000 people to become the leaders they were born to be.

If you want to equip your managers and leaders with the exact skills and knowledge to successfully lead your organization into the future, our programs are for you.
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How it works

Our Leadership Programs are tailored to your business, your goals, and your needs.

6 months to 1 year


  • Program Discovery (to understand your objectives)
  • Program Design (based on our Discovery findings)
  • Program Toolkit for each participant
  • Virtual Kick Off Session with organization sponsor and Kirke Leadership
  • Information for Leaders of Leaders to support participants
  • Program partners identified
  • Assessments + debrief
  • Workshops that align with program objectives
  • Mid-way check-in to ensure success, alignment
  • Learning partners are assigned to practice applying new concepts and provide feedback to each other
  • Certificate provided for the program
Self Awareness (using DiSC and Catalyst platform)
Equity & Inclusion
Emotional Intelligence
Team Development
Strategic Influencing
Feedback & Coaching
Innovation/Design Thinking
Strategic Thinking & Strategic Direction
Important Conversations, and more
Leading Change
Navigating Uncertainty
Get access to leading-edge tools and topics relevant in today’s modern workplace.

To maintain quality facilitation and the essential support required for each customized leadership program, we work with a maximum of 5 organizations at any given time.

Trusted by innovative businesses around the world to transform the workplace

Customize your program

Month 1
Webinar Kickoff of the Program by the Senior Leadership Team and KLI to all participants across cohorts
EQ assessment plus debrief
Month 2
Leading with Empathy Workshop (0.5 days)
Objectives of the session
  • Introduce the cohort to each other
  • Introduce Learning Partner pairs for the program
  • Program objectives and how to maximize the opportunity by setting your intention
  • Getting comfortable with Zoom and Mural
  • What is EQ
  • What is empathy and how do we use it as leaders
  • Experiential practice using a tool
  • Partner discussion to explore their strengths and areas for practice
  • Commitment of their practice to the group
Intersession activity to practice using empathy, building trust and working on their commitments and update the app with their practice and results
Take the DiSC assessment to prepare for the next workshop
Month 3
Building Leadership Self-Awareness (0.5 days)
Objectives of the session
  • Check-in on EQ progress and update the app
  • Introduce Learning Partner pairs for the program
  • Program objectives and how to maximize the opportunity by setting your intention
  • Identify an opportunity in your business context to develop
Adaptive Leadership Capability (0.5 days)
Objectives of the session
  • Use the DiSC system to learn more about their learning partner
  • Discuss strategies for how to collaborate more effectively together
  • Prepare for an upcoming meeting by thinking about another person’s style and how to adapt your town for greater results
  •  Intersession Activity to meet with your Learning partner after your adaptive engagement and coach each other on how that went and record your results in the app
  • Take the IDI assessment to prepare for DEI Workshop – Leading Inclusively
  •  Pre-read on leading inclusively
Intersession Activity to meet with your Learning partner after your adaptive engagement and coach each other on how that went and record your results in the app
Take the IDI assessment to prepare for DEI Workshop – Leading Inclusively
Pre-read on leading inclusively
Month 4
Leading Inclusively Workshop (0.5 days)
Objectives of the session
  • What we know now about unconscious bias
  • Discover where your biases are in your Leadership
  • Our group’s results on intercultural competence based on the IDI
  • Strategies for development and for leading inclusively in remote/hybrid environments
  • Each person creates a commitment plan to action of at least 1-3 strategies
Intersession 1:1 Coaching with the IDI report for each participant
Mid-program evaluation and check-in
Month 5
Leading Change Workshop
(2 half days simulation)
Objectives of the session
  • Understanding the human element of change
  • Creating a toolkit of global best practices in Change including a change model
  • Working in team to prepare for and implement a large scale change initiative
  • Commitment to a specific action to improve their change leadership in their current context
Month 6
Making Difficult Conversations More Effective (0.5 Days)
Objectives of the session
  • Understand what from the previous sessions can be leveraged to enhance their conversations going forward
  • Learn a new global best practice for communications
  • Prepare for an upcoming conversation
  • Practice separating facts from thoughts, naming feelings and articulating wants
  • Learn a Feedback Tool for having more clear and engaging feedback conversations ○  Intersession Activity: Practice preparing for a real conversation using the Cube and role play with your learning partner
Month 7
Creating a Culture of Coaching (0.5 Days)
Objectives of the session
  • Learn the global best practice for Coaching
  • Fill your tookit with the most powerful questions
  • Refine active listening skills
  • Practice supporting a coachee towards an action plan
Wrap-up celebration!
Certificates and recognition
Time frame
We recommend 6 - 12 months
16 Months
Number of participants
We recommend 10 - 25 participants
DiSC for personality / communication styles.
IDI for cultural competence
EQ for emotional intelligence


Level of Leadership

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Shift leadership development from a task on your to-do list to a go-to business game-changer

Executives are often so caught up in the day-to-day that leadership development becomes a burden rather than an opportunity.

We help you change that.

Get accessible, ongoing, on-the-job training grounded in real life.

Their answer: powerful.

  • Experiential learning builds upon concepts from one session to the next
  • Sessions are engaging, practical, and immediately actionable
  • Participants go through a journey of evolving development to explore self, team, and the organization
  • A consistent coach and learning partner ensures steady skill-building and real-world application as you go
  • Teams practice during sessions and work on assignments between sessions to ensure learning cohesion
  • Coaches create a psychologically safe space for people to explore, discover, and grow in a professional group setting
  • Through coaching, networking, and discussions—true progress is measurable from beginning to end

Our clients get results. Are you next?

"I first met Joanna when she was a Strategic HR Business Partner at TD and I had the opportunity to get reacquainted with her as an outstanding facilitator with her company, Kirke Leadership. She facilitated a game-changing Leading Change experience with my team at SunLife where they had the opportunity to practice leading change with human-centred approaches and best practice tools that foster more effective planning and implementation. Joanna is an empathetic and intuitive facilitator and coach who was able to pivot and draw out participants in a manner that enriched the learning experience. I’d highly recommend Joanna for any leadership training or coaching."

Susanna Rothfuchs Hunter, CHRE

HR Executive, SunLife

“Joanna, you led the most fulfilling and practical leadership program I’ve participated in. Your passion, expertise, and preparation made the mid-transition to digital seamless. Thank you for the tools, principles, and values you embody and share with the entire Managing Director cohort. It emanates from your character and goes beyond business leadership. It has given me insights and inspiration in my personal life as well.”

Clement Tsang

Vice President, Global Business Payments at Scotiabank

"Joanna led and facilitated a multi-day leadership workshop in which I participated. Her intentional creation of a safe and supportive space was very effective due to her authentic and genuine communication. I found her mindful intervention into our discussions and workshop exercises to be a real value-add particularly when it came to reminding participants to own our feelings and thoughts and use 1st person language. Joanna's facilitation and leadership style was every bit as educational and informative as the written material included in the workshop. Overall, a very impactful experience made possible through Joanna's excellent facilitation!"

Trevor Cowan

IT Architecture at Bell Media