The workplace of the future requires a different approach

But you know that. That’s why you’re here. You understand:
  • The key ingredient to effectiveness is trust
  • Productivity and trust must co-exist
  • Power lies at the team level
  • Every team member has a role to play in creating culture
  • A sense of belonging is critical to retention
And investing in the development of your people is no longer an option.

59% of employees say professional development opportunities are key to improving company culture.

Source: 2022 LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Survey

How do you make the world of work more equitable, dynamic, and fulfilling—without wasting time and resources on another impractical, boring, cookie-cutter leadership development lecture?

We’re so glad you asked.

At Kirke Leadership Inc, we envision a day when empathy, inclusion, adaptability, and creativity are leadership norms.

Here’s how we stick to our mission while providing exceptional value for every organization and individual who crosses our path.

First and foremost, we cultivate an inclusive space where every employee can express themself with honesty and clarity. We lead with kindness while helping participants be respectful and empathetic of others.
Working with us is a partnership. Think of us as an extension of your team, entrenched in your day-to-day, cultivating a long-lasting relationship that deepens value and results.
Innovation & Creativity
Innovation and creativity are encouraged and cultivated with opportunities to expand your mind and business boundaries. When participants know there are no “bad” ideas, they produce exceptional results with a positive human impact.
Results-Driven & Experiential
As a results-driven enterprise—we know the key to long-term effectiveness is to move from measuring output to measuring outcomes. All programs are experiential and include learnings, tools, and resources participants can put into action immediately.
Adaptable & Customizable
Context sets the stage for success or failure. We take the time to understand what makes your workplace tick, what you want to achieve, and what’s holding you back—and then customize a program based on real-world challenges you’d like to solve.

Hi, Joanna here.

I’m a facilitator, internationally certified executive coach, program architect, speaker, and visionary—dedicated to helping leaders understand their impact and use it for good.

As the multi-award-winning Leadership Developer and CEO at Kirke Leadership Inc., I’m proud to have created a safe, welcoming space where leaders at every level can land in their power.

I remember the day I stepped into my own power like it was yesterday. My team members were asked to use one word to describe me.

Their answer: powerful.

I was shocked. Powerful was the last word on my mind after being told early in my career that I needed to wear glasses to “look smarter,” and a masculine suit to “make it” in the business world.

Being underestimated lit a fire under me to work even harder at my craft and at being myself.

Now, I help others step into their own power.

Along the way, I’ve also realized employees in positions of power can (and do) profoundly impact lives.

I’ve seen it in my work with all 5 of Canada’s big banks, in my ten years as an HR executive navigating the boom and bust of the high tech and financial services industry, and in my countless hours spent coaching thousands of leaders on how to best empower themselves and their people. Whether through...

  • Large-scale global change initiatives for high-growth, fast-paced organizations
  • Transforming cultures to drive greater innovation and human-centered approaches
  • Designing and delivering experiential development programs that equip leaders and empower teams to bring us into the workplace of the future
  • Organizational restructuring and design
  • Or, building inclusive attraction and retention strategies

I’ve been in the trenches, led teams to success, and deeply understand our clients’ modern workplace challenges.

Joanna Kirke

Joanna’s nurturing personality was very helpful for our organization where sometimes these [leadership development] sessions can be really intimidating. She built confidence in our leaders and made us have conversations we never would have had.

Reygan Hale

A few extra things you should know about me.

I have a Fur Bae rescue dog named Poppy—a smart and beautiful Saluki from Qatar. She gets me out on walks from sunrise to well beyond sunset rain or shine.
I’ve learned and applied the deep topics of leadership, and I’m an expert in many disciplines
I have a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from The Octopus Garden. I incorporate the foundations of curiosity, mindfulness, and presence into everything we do.
I’ve learned and applied the deep topics of leadership, and I’m an expert in many disciplines
I’ve always loved to travel. I speak and teach in English and French (soon Spanish!), and I’ve lived, studied, volunteered, and worked in over 30 countries
I’ve learned and applied the deep topics of leadership, and I’m an expert in many disciplines
I’ve learned and applied the deep topics of leadership, and I’m an expert in many disciplines

Assessments & Tools

Our Team

Qayyum (Q) Rajan

CFA, Production Manager, Design Thinking Coach

Qayyum (Q) Rajan

CFA, Production Manager, Design Thinking Coach

Q sits at the intersection of finance and technology, as an avid economist, data scientist, and technology executive.

He began his career in banking, portfolio management and investment funds before entering the programming and data science world. He was then bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and went on to co-found a global fintech company which focused on automating securities issuance using blockchain technology.

Dan Buchner

Design Thinking Champion

Dan Buchner

Design Thinking Champion

Dan Buchner is an award-winning designer, leadership facilitator, educator, and author. He draws on his practical experiences in business and life to shift thinking, transform perspectives, and inspire action. Dan brings the practice of Design Thinking to the intersection of innovation, leadership and organizational change. Dan has held leadership positions at Moen Inc., Continuum Innovation, The Center for Creative Leadership and Banff Centre for Creativity. His Design Thinking journey began decades ago in Canada and has taken him to 35 countries around the globe.

Jamelle Lindo

CTP, ACC, Executive Coach

Jamelle Lindo

CTP, ACC, Executive Coach

Jamelle is a certified emotional intelligence coach, trainer, and speaker with 11+ years of experience in learning and development. Over the past decade, he’s coached, trained, and spoken to thousands of business leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs across Canada at various conferences, corporate workshops, and coaching sessions.

Jamelle is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only organization for successful business coaches. He’s been featured on multiple times for his thought leadership and expert opinions.

Kristen Harcourt

CPCC, PCC, Executive Coach

Kristen Harcourt

CPCC, PCC, Executive Coach

For over a decade, Kristen has helped executives and emerging leaders worldwide achieve extraordinary and sustainable results through increased self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness.

She’s an in-demand speaker and facilitator and an accredited coach who empowers leaders to become more aware of their strengths, blind spots, values, and purpose—so they can build lives and organizations of success, sustainability, and health.

Ciaran Irwin

Production Manager

Ciaran Irwin

Production Manager

Ciaran is an expert in creating seamless, highly engaging workshops experiences in the virtual world. His passion for bringing people together in connected and inclusive ways across the globe began at Amazon where he worked as a trainer and advisor for remote working teams. He has since worked across tech, telecommunications, non-profit organizations, social enterprises and academia. He blends a passion for systems thinking and creative decision-making with a technical skillset in virtual production to effectively research and design programs in the space of leadership.

We partner with organizations that want to attract and retain the brightest people and build their leadership capabilities through unique and transformative experiences.

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The Virtual Advantage

Kirke Leadership is primarily virtual. In today's hybrid work environment, the virtual space offers global access, greater equity, and a collaborative workspace that brings people together anywhere and at any time.

Being online allows us to be a leader in creating positive change in a more flexible work setting. Virtual learning also reduces barriers, allows more people to attend, decreases travel expenses, and reduces everyone's carbon footprint.

Plus, with Kirke Leadership's excellent facilitation skills and software like ExperiencePoint, operating virtually no longer means losing out on engagement or participation—with clients reporting better results than with in-person workshops.

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