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Today’s leaders need the ability to address challenges and innovate amid complex human emotions and changing environments
Learn how in our interactive workshops for corporate groups, teams, and leaders at all levels.
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Design Thinking Program

Step back. Focus on the customer. Let your creative juices flow.

Creativity is critical to success in today’s distracted and saturated markets. Your teams can confidently deliver if they start with the end user’s needs in mind.

Not always easy when your leaders default to traditional problem-solving methods.

Your solution: Design Thinking - a creative problem-solving approach focused on the end-user.


Participants report an average 200% improvement in Design Thinking knowledge and understanding post workshop

How it works

Design Thinking gives you strategic direction on how to ask the right questions, listen, learn, and create irresistible solutions with inevitable profit.

Going way beyond the “what” of Design Thinking, our interactive workshops equip participants with the know-how to creatively solve real-world business challenges now and into the future.

From helping high potentials prepare to present to executives to equipping your sales teams with products and services that make your prospects say “yes” again and again.


Our 2-month program partnership includes:

  • A foundation to develop the 6 creative habits of the world’s leading problem solvers, including deep user empathy, radical collaboration, and rapid experimentation
  • A compelling case for putting customers (i.e., people!) at the center of all problem-solving efforts
  • The ability to apply a step-by-step approach to human-centered behaviors and design through team collaboration
  • An understanding of how leaders can enhance and model innovative behavior
  • Live, expert feedback on new processes and ideas they’ve developed together
  • Real-world context for how to use Design Thinking habits and tools immediately—with upcoming projects and clients

I’ve been with Bell for 18 years and this is by far the best and most useful workshop I’ve taken in the last 10 years. I really enjoyed the content, the skills I’ve picked up… and the continuous learning and practice over two months. Our team spent a lot of time together.  We learned to TRUST the process, which was hard at times but so important. Joanna is an amazing facilitator and I really appreciate her support.

Edward Chan [Regional Manager]

Our programs include the ExperienceInnovation™ | Aware simulation and exclusive access to our proprietary, interactive Design Thinking Map™ —used by innovative organizations globally.

Leading Change Workshop

Effective leaders model a positive, professional, and empathetic response to change.

They’re mindful of the all-important human side of the change equation.

Leading Change equips leaders to set the standard for how to move forward. Whether it’s adopting new policies and procedures, introducing a new business model, or adapting to a new CEO’s leadership style.


70% of change initiatives fail to achieve their goals, largely due to employee resistance and lack of management support.

Source: McKinsey & Company

How it works

When you’ve led large-scale change initiatives inside Fortune 500 companies globally and been a key stakeholder on change leadership teams, you get a front-row seat to mistakes that can happen.

Our hands-on Leading through Change workshops leverage a process built over 20 years of in-the-trenches experience that’s helped over 10,000 employees succeed amid change.


Our 6-month partnership includes:

  • Experience a “year in the life” of a change team using an ExperienceChange™ simulation for leaders and managers
  • Get the tools and mindset to build stakeholder buy-in and succeed in rolling out change effectively
  • Learn how to plan and implement change based on global best practices
  • Develop the emotional intelligence to empathize with your people’s concerns and empower them to move forward together
  • Learn-by-doing so knowledge retention is optimized, and change concepts become immediately relevant for real-world projects
  • Have fun learning powerful tools that lead to big results

Joanna facilitated a change management simulation at our annual senior leadership retreat, which was the highlight of the event. She took time in advance of the workshop to get to know our organizational vision, values and strategic goals, which she incorporated brilliantly into the post-simulation debrief.

Amanda Pike, MEd, MSc
Sheridan College

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