Executive &Leadership Coaching

Type “executive coaching” into your search bar, and you’ll get 679 million results.
You’ll find leadership experts and organizations around the globe who promise to help with many of the same things we do here at Kirke Leadership Inc.

“She challenged me to think differently about my journey while holding me tight with her unconditional belief.”

We can all agree that by working with an executive coach, you can:

Gain self-awareness
Achieve your development objectives
Understand your current competencies
Clarify your goals
Unlock your potential
See how others perceive you

All highly beneficial stops on your own leadership development journey—or the one you think might be necessary for a member of your executive team.

What others don’t promise is a particular point of pride for us

Our Executive & Leadership Coaching programs create a kindness-first environment for you to explore, discover, and grow into your best authentic self—in business and life.

Joanna is a positive, smart and insightful coach. She brings people to the places that they need to go by holding them in the highest regard and believing in them with unwavering support. Throughout the time she was my coach, She really challenged me to think differently about my journey while holding me tight with her unconditional belief.

Barbara Pelly
Through thoughtful questions and research-backed assessments—with a touch of playfulness sprinkled in—you’ll be able to dive deep into self-reflection so you can:
Discover how you actually feel (it’s harder than it sounds!), where you want to go, and how to get there
Express more humanness in your communications with co-workers to create deeper connections and more creative results
Express your needs so you have a better chance of getting them met
Get grounded and comfortable with difficult conversations
Understand the feelings and emotions driving others’ needs so you can respond appropriately
Remove judgment from conversations and focus on desired outcomes
Learn to take responsibility for how you behave, think, and feel
Feel more energy, joy, and gratitude in your work

Seeking executive coaching is a sign of greatness

Every step a leader takes to develop more connection, understanding, and compassion is a step towards a more productive, high-performing, and healthy workplace culture.

Coaching is the next step if you (or a colleague):

  • Are very analytical, have the technical aspects of your job nailed, and can’t imagine expressing emotions in the workplace
  • Have trouble giving direct feedback without hurting people’s feelings
  • Want to learn how to adapt your style to communicate more effectively with different team members
  • Experience discomfort with situations involving conflict
  • Feel more aggravated, exasperated, indifferent, or overwhelmed than you’d like
  • Believe in continuously next-leveling your leadership capability and keeping up with what's needed for the future of work
  • Will benefit from working with a thought partner you can trust
  • Wish to understand your strengths and opportunities in order to build confidence and increased competence

Or, you simply feel called to achieve greater results at work and in life

How it works

Our 6-month partnership includes:

Up to 12 virtual coaching sessions
Sponsor triangulation meetings to initiate and close the program (optional)
Our ability to understand team dynamics in remote or hybrid work environments
The leading edge assessment tool of your choice (EQ360, DiSC, IDI, MBTI, EQ-i 2.0 Self Assessment)
Just-in-time communications and development challenges between sessions
Real-world context for how to use Design Thinking habits and tools immediately—with upcoming projects and clients

Joanna is very agile and develops a deep understanding of the workplace dynamic before using her expertise to determine what to coach you on. She listens to your needs and then adapts her different tools and diverse experience to help you work through specific challenges.

Eric Masson
Biotech industry