5 Tips for Leading with Empathy

5 Tips for Leading with Empathy.

In this 20 minute video, Sarvenaz Ahmadi and I share our thoughts about leading with empathy in uncertain times and how to turn empathy into a habit. This is your opportunity, right here, right now, to be listening with empty hands and an open heart to people’s stories. Empathy is the foundation for much needed action to make the world a better place.

My leaders often say to me, “Joanna – how can I practice the skills you teach us when things are so “busy” and complex?” In fact, it’s in the toughest of times that these skills and tools help us elevate our leadership impact. If you’ve already been practicing, then you’re ahead. And it’s never too late to start now. We all need leaders who are taking care of both themself and their team members, colleagues, friends – and the greater human collective – with greater understanding.

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